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Friday, August 22, 2008

Reflections from the Classroom

I can't believe we are already done with week two of the school year. This first part of this week was really slow but the second half flew by. Today was a very productive day. I submitted the band budget, most of the 6th - 8th grade contracts, made the first instrument rental deposit and restrung on three horns. Here's a look a closer look at the rest of the week.

1. Too much paper work. - A big part of being a band director is administration, as you can see from the list of what I did today. This weekend I'll be playing catch up on handbook forms, locker assignments and instrument placement forms.

2. Say you care. - I had to have several one-on-one conversations with students today. In one of the conversations the entire tone of the student changed when I said, "I'm telling you this because I care about you." I always try to make it clear that the reason I hold them after class to talk is because I think they have value and can do great things. Some of these students don't hear it any where else.

3. I still hate mornings. - There is one think I'm positive I will never get use to in teaching...mornings. I don't like getting up early. If I was running the schools, classes would never start before 10 am. And some days that is pushing it!

4. What is the best thing? - I posted about this yesterday. No matter what happens in my classroom or outside the school walls, while I'm teaching I have to do what the best thing is for my students. That might mean taking plan time to pray and refocus. It might mean throwing out my lesson plans and listening to my students. Whatever the best thing for my students is at that moment is what I need to do.

5. You never know. - I have had teachers that forget there is life outside of their classroom. Students spend a lot of time in the classroom but most of their week isn't. They go home to situations you or I may never understand. I have to remember that I'm simply intersecting their life for the time they are in my room. It may be the safest place they have or it might be just another place to go. I don't know their stories on day one. I have to lean in and listen as they slowly open up. I have to be prepared because what I think it might be like, may not even be close.

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