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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who throws a shoe? Honestly!

Memorial Day Weekend 2007 - She had it coming!

This evening I set my facebook status to read, "Sarah wishes she was hanging out with friends instead of doing paper work. Feel free to call and interrupt. :)" I'm sitting in my room grading papers and hear the door unlock. Assuming it was my roommate, I continued to work. Then, in the silence, I saw a shadow creeping closer to my bedroom door. Now I'm freaking out. I moved my secret weapon several months ago, once the threat level returned to green. (The prosecutor said it was okay.) Now someone was breaking into my house. I slowly lift my eyes from my papers to see...


She has a spare key from last semester when she lived with us. I told her to randomly stop by and visit and she did!!!! Now we are going to share with you ten things that will most likely happen when we are together. She is the bomb...the bomb diggity. In case you missed that in an earlier post.

(in no particular order)
  1. Good chance we are eating Hacienda, or at least devouring chips and salsa.
  2. Someone is attempting to drive through a storm without laying flat in a ditch
  3. Facebook - enough said
  4. Lots of talking and definitely tons of laughing
  5. Movies in the cave
  6. Old Blind Sarah beats Brooke in Wii bowling (Brooke demands a disclaimer here: bowling only)
  7. Smoothies and ice cream are consumed
  8. Someone gets hit in the head with a shoe or anything nearby
  9. Sarah gets killed in some other random game...or we tie
  10. RANDOM! You just never know...

Hacienda meal = $6
Ice Cream w/strawberries and bananas = $4
Movie = $1 from Red Box!
Quality time = PRICELESS

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