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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Party of the Year

Friday night we had the party of the year, at least so far. My niece Amanda turned 10 on Monday and we had both sides of the family together to celebrate. It was good to see Anthony's side of the family. His sister is expecting twins! The weather was great and the food was amazing. They even made wheat-free options for me! Amanda loved the gifts she got and has plans on how to use them all.

Before Amanda opened presents, my friend James Pahl arrived. He was coming for Heather's baptism later in the night. But he brought a nice surprise...Jason Sleight!!!! Jason was the youth minister at my brother's church and is getting ready to move to Missouri. Jason and James were Heather's small group leaders at camp this summer. She was very excited to have them both there. Amanda decided she thinks they are pretty funny guys and was glad they were at her party.

After the house was cleaned up, we went over to Heather's youth minister, Steve's house. He has a great house and a nice pool and volunteered to let us have the baptism there. I've been praying for a long time that Heather would make this decision. I've been one happy aunt this summer as she has told me about the commitments she made at camp and then being able to witness her baptism.

It was a blast hanging out with everyone and celebrating so many different things in one night. It was very exciting to have James and Jason join the party as well. God is good!

You should be able to see pictures HERE.

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  1. I'm so happy things went well =) I miss you dearly and can't wait for our coffee night tomorrow.

    Basically you're awesome, and I freakin' adore you....

    Now I must go see your pictures...no I am NOT a stalker - ha

    love you!