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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Highs and Lows

- waking up earlier than I needed to - how did that happen
+ instrument contract processing is up to date - until more come tomorrow
- saw the results of a horrible accident on main street
+ text message from a friend just wanting to know if I was doing alright - favorite kind of text
+ telephone conversation with a friend catching up on life and chatting about goals - accountability and encouragement is good
+ dinner with a friend at Hacienda - the difference between teaching in a law school and middle school is very different
+ phone conversation with my sister that lasted over an hour
- not getting quizzes graded
+ hearing my sister use the word poppycock in a sentence...more than once
- losing another game of semantics with my sister - dang it!
-/+ Two more days until family road trip and I get my new camera - I'm impatient

Quote of the Day:
Anna: Thanks for listening to me rant and rave and be arrogant
Sarah: Not a problem. I'm use to it. I grew up with you!
Anna: Hey at least I admit I'm arrogant.
Sarah: You're right you never would have admitted it when you were younger.

Yesterday's highs and lows.
+ random telephone call from my brother
+ my brother and his family are going west with us
- not finding the book I wanted at B & N
-/+ rescheduled coffee with friends from out of town - now we'll have more time to hang out

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